Natural Wellbeing

When did you last spend quality time in nature? Do you take a break from the ‘noise’ of everyday life or relentless demands from work?

It’s time to put the ‘to do’ list on hold and book your place on a nature connection walk with Wellbeing over Work.

My themed natural Walks of Wonder around Reading, Berkshire, will reset your busy mind from overwhelmed and stressed to focused and refreshed.

Using natural mindfulness, you’ll find yourself relaxing as you take in the beauty and the smallest details of the natural world around you.

“I really needed to unwind and the walk with Nicolette was perfect for that. I’d recommend the walks to anyone needing time out from their busy lives or to explore a new area with like-minded people.”

Nicky, November 2019 (Harris Garden Walk)

These slow-paced nature walks will give you the gift of time:

  • away from your chair so you can stretch and regain good posture
  • to relax and breathe clean air
  • to have a break from the never-ending ‘to do’ list
  • to stop worrying and reduce your anxiety
  • away from the demands of your children and family

Put your positive mental health first and book a natural Walk of Wonder today in your area. You’ll return to that ‘to do’ list feeling refreshed, focused and ready for action!