About WoW

I organise mindful walks in woods, forests and green spaces around Berkshire. Using natural mindfulness, these walks will give the tools to feel reinvigorated, more resilient and relaxed.

My values are connection, creativity and freedom and I use these to bring people together through nature connection walks. I love seeing people grow in confidence, make new friends and share or learn new skills.

I have more than past 15 years’ experience in communications working in large and small organisations: from public relations, marketing and magazine editing to events and setting up guided tours.

I enjoy working with people of all ages and have run two successful museum volunteer programmes with students, working and semi-retired people, supporting and training them in various roles from cataloguing archives to being ‘costumed interpreters’ (where people dress up as characters from the past).

“Nicolette is a pleasure to work with. She has passion for her subject, fantastic work ethic, attention to detail, a supportive attitude and great sense of humour.”

Samantha (Reading Museum volunteer)

I run Wellbeing over Work around my family commitments. I want to achieve the balance of looking after my mental health and running my own business. I’m on a journey too and I’m enjoying learning new skills along the way. I am a Mental Health First Aider and trained natural mindfulness guide. I am currently learning about Shinrin Yoku (also known as Forest Bathing) so I can incorporate this into my nature connection practice.

I’m also a freelance copywriter, volunteer litter-picker and I used to run a gift shop called Inspired by Nature.